Thursday, October 20, 2011

I don't want to!

Well, it has been 10 days since I wrote about fasting and all the reasons that I wasn't too keen on it.  No surprise, I haven't started it yet.  :-|

I am part of  Incourage's Book Club and we are going through What Women Fear by Angie Smith.  Here is a very poignant quote that I am thinking I should take to heart.

“Our natural reaction when we fear failure is either to hightail it out of that situation, or perhaps more likely, to procrastinate. We don’t want to admit we are avoiding doing something God commanded us to do (even to ourselves!), so we simply keep saying we will get to it eventually.”

Hmmm.... Do I resemble this remark?  Yes, yes, I think I do.  


  1. Oh me too! Had that one highlighted when I read it as well. I've learned a lot as I've read that book. I never really considered myself a fearful person but the more I think about insecurity, procrastination, loneliness, etc, it seems like it all really comes back to a fear of something. Fear I won't be who someone else wants me to be, fear I'll do something wrong, fear that people don't want to be around me...
    Learning every day to sit with God and let Him remind me that He is enough. I forget so easily.
    Grace to you today.

  2. Sharing a bit more about my journey these days if you ever have time to visit...